Thomas Hardy Tales 25th March

Wincanton and District Museum and History Society is presenting what should be a fascinating talk by the well known lecturer Dr Geoffrey Tapper who has specialised in Thomas Hardy, his novels and his life. He has entitled his talk, “Thomas Hardy Tales.” The Balsam Centre on Friday 25th March at 7.30pm. £6 for non members. Members free.

26th March. Dr Tapper’s talk was very well received. We had an excellent turnout of over fifty, many clearly devoted readers of the work of Thomas Hardy. Geoffrey Tapper, as a member of the Hardy Society and keen researcher into all things related to Hardy was particularly enlightening in what he told us about Hardy’s local links to Dorchester and the Blackmore Vale and how he had faithfully introduced accurate descriptions of local landmarks, paths and buildings into his novels. He also described Hardy’s ties to local grand families and the sad story of his first marriage that he felt he had made such a mess of.

Geoffrey Tapper had clearly gone to a lot of trouble providing us all with a variety of fascinating photocopies of key articles about Hardy and he delivered his talk in a gentle and amusing way which kept everyone completely engaged. Lively conversations continued at the end over coffee and biscuits summing up what had been another really good evening, so do not miss our next offering on the 27th of May.

John Baxter