The Glorious Revolution of 1688

Passing through on his way to London in 1688 William of Orange, future joint sovereign with his wife Mary, spent the night with the Churchey family at their manor house home “The Dogs” in South Street.  This was a few days after a bloody skirmish at the end of the High Street between quite a large force of cavalry and soldiers sent from Salisbury to fight for the king James the second and a small scouting party representing William.  In the skirmish that followed 15 men died in what was otherwise an almost entirely peaceful invasion by William’s army.  Never before, or since would Wincanton see English, Scottish, Dutch, German and Swiss troops march through the town in what became known as the Glorious Revolution.

How this came about and what the consequences were and what sort of man was William were some of the questions I sought to shed light on in my talk on Friday 29th September.  I hope people found it interesting.