The Art of Venice. A Lecture by Hendrika Foster

The Art of Venice

Those who have heard her before know an illustrated lecture by Hendrika Foster is not to be missed. Put the date in your diary. Friday February 25th at the Balsam Centre at 7.30pm.

Well known lecturer in Art History Hendrika Foster will be giving a lecture on the Art of Venice in aid of Wincanton Museum on the 25th of February in the Balsam Centre at 7.30pm. Entertaining, fascinating and informative her richly illustrated talks are not to be missed. Charge £6.  Free for members. Introducing her lecture , Hendrika says:

La Serenissima da Venezia – The Most Serene Republic of Venice also claimed the title of ‘Queen of the Adriatic’.  Venetian propaganda expressed in its art and architecture, the myth of the Republic as a perfect state.  It is certainly a spectacular and unique city, perfectly situated for trade at the crossroads of the East and the West, with a powerful, modern and efficient mercantile fleet founded in the beginning of the 12th century.

The Renaissance workshop of the Bellini family marks the advent of a new style pf painting in Venice, much influenced by the meticulous methods of oil painting used in Northern Europe.  16th century Titian was the first truly European artist, receiving the patronage of Venetian Doge, Pope, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain.  This century marks the zenith of Venetian power.

The Empire slowly declined, but even during its demise the art of Vivaldi, Palladio, Canaletto and Tiepolo ensured that the Lion of St Mark raged into the dying of the night brought in first by the Turks and then by Napoleon.

The lecture was very well attended. Hendrika presented a fascinatring lecture in which she showed how art in Venice became a powerful way in which this independent and initially very powerful trading republic was able to assert its own unique identity.  In doing so it attracted and developed in its service some of the finest artists Italy has every produced. Illustrated with a spectacular collection of slides this added up to a truly memorable evening.