Terry Stanford’s November Newsletter

November Newsletter.

We are now at a time when it is possible to review the past year and to look towards the future.   The big time consuming event was of course the opening of the Museum and thanks to the efforts of the stewards this can be counted as a success.  Our museum may be very small but it is open, friendly and relevant to local people as well as visitors.

In October we held a small reception for stewards and asked them for their views regarding the past year and suggestions for improvement.  This resulted in proposals that the opening hours should be changed so that at least on Wednesdays the museum would close at 1p.m., that the opening should be extended until the October half term and that in addition Saturday morning openings should operate all year.   It was also stated that the problems with the computer need to be sorted out and made more user friendly, it is possible to use commentaries from members of the public which would enhance the pictorial images.  This is in hand.  One of the simple but very useful innovations was the starting of a Scrap Book, kept by stewards which reflected the day to day events locally and thus helps build up local history.

None of the above would have been possible without the support at all levels of the library staff and they are to be thanked for all their efforts and suggestions.

Looking towards the future there is one problem that has to be addressed and that is the need to raise funds so as to pay the annual rent.  This is only some £300 but even this sum is greater than we can raise through the current methods of management.  After considerable discussion the committee has agreed that, with effect from 2014,  there will be a change in membership contributions. The basic membership will remain at £10 for the year and  we will continue to provided 6 talks, the change will be that members will have discounted admission at £2 per session whilst guests will pay £5.  It is hoped that by this means we will be able to cover our costs whilst at the same time offer good value for members.   These changes will be included in the membership forms for next year and it will be important for member to retain and produce their membership cards in order to claim the discount.

We have just he one remaining talk this year, Friday 29th November given by Colin Watkins on ‘Wincanton Parish Church’. Next year will begin with the AGM on 31 January to take place at 7p.m. and to be followed by Judith Teasdale on  ‘Corfe Castle and its Landscape.’

I hope to see you all as above.

Terry Stanford.


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