Terry Stanford’s 2013 Summer Newsletter

As you are aware the Museum has now been open for three months and to date the comments by visitors have been favourable and encouraging.  It may well be ‘The smallest museum in Somerset’ but its re opening in Wincanton has obviously been well received and created quite a lot of interest.   The attendance figures are quite interesting with some 206 in April, 126 in May and 127 in June. As was expected by far the greatest numbers attend on a Saturday. It will be interesting to see how many persons visit during the school holidays.

It has been said on many occasions that one of the strengths of the museum has been the Stewards who are always welcoming and helpful.  My thanks goes to all who have helped in this way.

In order to improve the visitors experience John Baxter is continually improving the information available on the computer and a substantial photographic record is being developed which ha s proved to be of interest to visitors especially to younger generations.  This will continue to be improved with power point presentations and a widening collection of images.

Our programme of talks at the Balsam Centre has been completed and is as follows,

27th September, ‘A Wincanton Childhood’ by Gill D’arcy,  25 October ‘The status of Silk in art’ by Hendrika Foster, 29th November ‘Wincanton Parish Church’ by Colin Watkins, 31 January, ‘Corfe Castle and its surrounds’ by Judith Teasdale, 28 February, ‘ A social History of Beer. AKA the History of Mankind’ by Terry Stanford and on 28 March, ‘The Iconic Vulcan Bombers’ by Wing Commander Tony Lewis.

 All the above will start at 7.30p.m and Our AGM will precede the talk on 31 January starting at 7p.m.  A new Brochure/Flier has been prepared and will be available at the Museum, Library, Balsam Centre, Council office and some shop premises.

Our Annual Garden Party will take place on Saturday 3rd August commencing at 2p.m. all members of the society are invited. It is to be held in the gardens at the Balsam centre and we would love to see as many members as possible attend this free event.  In order that we may properly prepare it is important that we have some idea of the numbers involved, it would therefore be appreciated if those wishing to attend could contact me by Friday 27 July at the latest.

On a less cheerful note we are all aware that money is tight and the chances of getting additional support by way of grants etc is slim. The committee is therefore looking to future financing in an attempt to decide on ways by which the society can continue to flourish without eating up all our funds.    In this way we are examining our fee structure, the way in which we manage talks, refreshments, meetings etc.  As yet no decisions have been taken and we are interested in hearing from our members with any suggestions that they might wish to make.  We have to finalise our proposals over the next few months and must be completed well before the end of the year.

Terry Stanford.  Chairman.

e.mail.  trousers@nullmypostoffice.co.uk.  Tele. No. 01963 31665.

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