September Newsletter from Terry Stanford

Dear Members and followers,

There are just two items of interest at the moment.                                                             1.  We anticipate signing the lease agreement and returning the documents to Somerset Council during the week of 10 /9/12.  We will then wait to hear just when we can take occupation of the premises in Wincanton Library and begin to establish a Museum.  Will keep you in touch.

 2.  Have you a story to tell?

As part of the process of promoting an interest in local history and, from their point of view, to increase their coverage, the Western Gazette has suggested that they run articles based broadly on historical aspects of Castle Cary, Bruton and Wincanton.  They envisage a monthly article shared between the above three locations on any aspect of local history be it people, places, events changes etc.  We, that is the committee, are keen to pursue this initiative and want to take the opportunity to widen participation as far as possible.  It has been suggested that local people may well have stories to tell about past life in Wincanton, who have experience of the way in which the town has changed and perhaps personal knowledge of events which have taken place or prominent people who live or have lived in the area.  If the project comes to fruition it would mean that we would endeavour to produce an article focusing on Wincanton and our surrounding area and villages.

This would be an opportunity for everyone to become involved in a project, it would not be of a repetitive nature, one off articles would be great and in addition it would assist us all to have better understanding of the town and its people.

It would just be possible for the committee, with some assistance, to take on this task but it was strongly felt that groups of people with similar interests who perhaps are as yet not known to each other or to us could get together, perhaps do some research and produce an article which would be of interest to us all.

As a committee we would be only to keen to facilitate the above suggestions in any way thought appropriate and we could certainly assist in preparing and editing articles,  photographs etc.

Thhis is about all we know of the project at this date but anyone expressing an interest could initially do so be contacting me and we will see how far we can get.