Our Thanks to Canon Watson at the Garden Party

Wincanton Museum and History Society held our annual Garden Party in the Balsam Centre gardens on Saturday 3rd August where Canon Alan Watson was thanked for his years as a Trustee.

It was a perfect sunny Saturday afternoon and the Balsam Centre Garden was looking its best for our Garden Party. The party was arranged as a thank you for all the stewards who have been on duty since the new Museum attached to Wincanton Library has been open, that is on every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning. We also wished to thank them for their patience and persistence in getting used to our new computer which provides so much for visitors to see but which is very much a work in progress.

It was also the ideal occasion for the committee to thank Canon Alan Watson who after more years than he cares to remember has been one of the Museum Trustees and who has decided it is time to retire from that role. In thanking him our president Frank Foster and our chairman Terry Stanford spoke of his unremitting support of the museum over the years and of the recent moves taken to make the most of contemporary computer technology to record and display our artefacts and records.  They also spoke of his dry wit. We are also extremely pleased that he intends to remain on our committee.


Forty people attended and everyone enjoyed a great cream tea. Here Alan and his wife Rosemary receive a small token of appreciation from Frank and Terry.


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