Computer information for Museum stewards

This Lenovo machine has a touch sensitive screen which can be used, but for most of us it is easier to start by using the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard and mouse come free of cables and are kept in the cupboard.  (Note the computer is locked to the wall by an alarm armed security cable.) Start by checking the mouse. There is an on/off button on its underside. Switch it on.
To turn on computer press silver button on left hand bottom corner around the edge. A background scene with the time and the date comes on. Touch any button or the screen. Type in the password. Lower case no breaks. Click on the button marked End. This throws up the START screen with an array of boxes. Click on the top left hand box marked File Explorer. This opens the Libraries page. Which contains 4 Folders. a.Museum Docs, b. Audio Files, c.Power Point and d. Videos.   Click to open.

MUSEUM DOCS This contains the Museum Folder and the Wincanton Window folder.
The Museum folder is the most relevant, containing folders of both pictures and text covering a wide range of topics from contemporary archive to ancient history.
The Wincanton Window folder contains past photos and stories first appearing in the Wincanton Window. Browse when at leisure.
Often stewards wish to make a slide show of a folder in the Museum Folder. Here is how to do it. Choose a folder consisting of pictures such as Images of Historic Wincanton or The Catholic Church. Click on that to open. Click on the first image. Windows Photo Viewer opens showing one large image. At the base in the centre is a small circle with a box in it.   Click that to start the slide show. To stop the slide show click on right hand side of mouse to open the menu which pops up. Click on EXIT

AUDIO FILES. This contains recordings of voice or music without images, including interviews with interesting and significant local people. Click to open and browse. POWER POINT. This refers to folders containing work set up in the Power Point format which combines multiple pictures, text and a spoken commentary. Click to access. Choose subject (say The Parish Church or Historic Wincanton) Click to open. Click on Slide show, and click on Start from beginning. Adjust volume from buttons on the bottom of the screen. Right hand click for exit menu.
VIDEOS Click to open. Click to play. Adjust volume. We have a growing number of fun local videos.
Remember that to exit any folder from all other pages you simply click on the start symbol on the keyboard. This is the bottom row third icon looking like a window.   That returns you to the START screen.

Stewards please try out and get comfortable using, opening and closing the above files. Be very careful never to touch the DELETE button to avoid wiping out material and do not allow visitors to operate the computer on their own. Your friendly but watchful eye is always needed. Keep our password secure by not sharing it. At the end of your happy session it is time to close down the computer.
Return to the Start page. Move cursor to the bottom right hand corner and five icons will appear. Click on the one called settings. Six icons appear. Click on Power. Click on Shut Down. Wait for the screen to go black. Hooray you have done it. Not quite. Turn over the mouse and switch it off.
Shutting up the shop
Bring in the sign
Turn off computer as above
Take off Stewards Badge
Shut any open windows and lock outer door
Return key to librarian.
Go home for lunch.

If stuck or unable to get joy email me at with your phone number and I will endeavour to give you satisfaction.. or call 34537 John Baxter.It is my job to make using the computer clear. Dave Smith has helped simplify and clean up what it does, but if you still get stuck PLEASE LET ME KNOW. 01963 34537

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