Hannah Day

As discussed, I am descended from Jack Morris Day – the youngest child of Hannah Phyllis Morris and Sydney Day. Below is a list of all their children and their birth dates taken from Jack’s family bible.

Sydney Day (spelling in family bible) born 26 Dec 1848

Hannah Pyllis Morris born 26 Aug 1849


Templar Day (died at birth) 23 May 1873

Alice Annie Day 7 May 1874

Nellie Sophia Day 9 August 1875

Percy Lionel Day 6 May 1877

Leonard Alfred Day 22 Jan 1879

Howard Sydney Day 22 June 1880

Herbert Bernard Day 16 April 1882

Alfred Ernest Day 24 April 1884

Ernest George Day 16 June 1886 (believe he emmigrated to New Zealand)

Florence Jeanny Day 12 Feb 1888

Jack Morris Day 23 May 1889

Other information from Jack’s family bible:


Sydney & Hannah Day married 4 August 1872

Nellie married a Fred E. Samson on March 26 1900


Leonard Alfred Day May 25 1882 age 3 yrs and 4 months

Alfred Ernest Day Dec 7 1884 age 7 months

Percy Lionel Day Mar 30 1901 age 24 years

Sydney Day Jan 1905 age 55 years

Hannah Day 1920 age 71 years

Nellie Sophia (or Soppia as some spelling indicates) Sept 9th 1938 age 63 years.

Jack Morris Day emmigrated to Australia (date unknown at this stage) and was married to a Maude Farrell. They had two children, Phyllis and Albert. They settled in Sydney Australia.

Albert married Josephine Melbourne Hoskins and had five children: Keith, Lisle, Pam, Stanley and Rosemary. Keith is my father and he had 4 children: Glenn, Narelle, me and Barbra.

When undertaking research on the family I noted that Hannah Day’s maiden name is Morris. This became Jack’s middle name and has continued to be used as a middle name for the first born son for a further 4 generations: Albert Morris Day, Keith Morris Day, Glenn Morris Day and his son (my nephew) Simon Morris Day. I have attached a family photo for your interest showing four of those generations: From the left Glenn Morris Day (my brother), Keith Morris Day (my father), Albert Morris Day (my grandfather) and Jack Morris Day (my great grandfather and Hannah and Sydney’s youngest son). The photo was taken around 1965-66.

In my research to date I have also obtained via the internet a copy of a document called “The History of Wincanton” (George Sweetman 1903). Contained in this document is information about George Day who is Ira Day’s father (Sydney’s grandfather). It appears George Day was the founder of the Baptist church in Wincanton. He was a plasterer and tiler by trade and worked on Foothill Abbey and the ceiling of the Baptist chapel in Wincanton. Later he had a Drapery establishment which he resigned in favour of his son in 1844. My research indicates that Ira his son was married in an Independant Baptist chapel in Wincanton which I assume is the same church that George pastored at. Perhaps he officiated at the service?

The document can be found on the link:


The information I have mentioned is contained on pages 74-75 and 224.

I hope this is of some interest to you. Should you come across any other information on the Day family or happen to meet a Day relative at the museum, who like me is interested in the family history, I would very much appreciate you passing on any information.

Thank you again for your time and I hope our contact added to your work in the Museum.

Kind regards and best wishes,

Jennifer Newland (nee Day)