From Cardiff to Cherbourg

This was the title of our latest illustrated talk given by member of our Society Peter Lewis on Friday 30th November in the Balsam Centre.

His subject was the dramatic story of the setting up and sad demise in the 60s of the Somerset and Dorset Railway, well illustrated by an interesting collection of photographs.

Held on the evening of the day when a packed memorial service took place in the parish church for Jeff Kingaby, the fact that this talk attracted the biggest audiance we can remember, was a fitting memorial to Jeff whose tireless efforts have kept us all going.

Peter gave us a really interesting talk which attracted a good number of non-members whose great interest was railways in general and the Somerset and Dorset Railway in particular and his talk attracted several interesting questions and the revelation that there are gruops keeping sections of the track alive and there are even plans afoot to construct a new railway to cover much of the old route.  We shall have to wait and see about that.

John Baxter