2019 Talk Programme

25 Jan        Graham Miller            The History of Shepton Mallet prison

15 Feb       Brian Freeland            A theatrical view from the wings

29 Mar      Emily Utgren                 Lost features at Stourhead in the 1700s

26 Apr       Charles Buckler            The life of William Barnes (a friend of Thomas                                                                   Hardy)

31 May      Philip Hoyland              Oak Apple Day

28 June     Marcus Ferguson         Renegade Monk Cheese

27 Sep       Brian Garton                The British Response to the East African Slave Trade

25 Oct       Brig. Richard Folkes     From nowhere to Normandy – The glider Assault at                                                           Pegasus Bridge in Normandy 1944

29 Nov      Janet Fray & Andrew Jenkins       From a rugby game to the Dams” – One                                                                             an’s story of aerial reconnaissance in WW2

All lectures take place in the Memorial Hall in Wincanton at 7.30pm

£2 per person for members

£5 per person for non members

Refreshments are served before each talk