The Storage of our Artefacts

Wincanton and District Museum and History Society.

In recent months after a lot of discussion and searching for alternatives the Museum closed finally on 25 July and the bulk of the artefacts have been moved to storage . This has been made available to us by the council and currently we are working on the storage of the items in such a way that they will be available for future use as needed.

In the meantime we have arranged for small exhibitions to be placed in Wincanton Primary School, and King Arthurs Secondary school.  It is anticipated that in the near future we will be undertaking a similar project with Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School.  These exhibitions are designed to tie in with areas of the curriculum currently being taught at the schools.    In addition we have arranged with the management of The Dolphin Hotel to display exhibits in the new restaurant and these seem to fit in very well.

It is our hope to be able to use part of the library, the old Tourist Office, as a small museum and currently we are waiting to hear from the library service as to the viability of this idea.  As this and other activities develop they will be advertised in the normal way.