Watch This Space. The Museum Saga Continues

This week has seen two interesting meetings. The first was Chaired by County Councillor Anna Groskop and attended by Tim Carroll leader of SSDC together with representatives of the Society of Friends, (the landlords) SSDC officers concerned with Museums and Tourism and members of the Museum Committee. The aim was to review the decision of the Museum Committee to close the Museum and great concern was expressed about the negative effects this could have on the town. It was agreed by all to explore the situation further, see what might still be done, and meet again in three months.

The second was a meeting of the Museum Committee which discussed what had happened and the Secretary, Jeff Kingaby, then put out this statement.


Following the news that Wincanton Museum will be closing, rumours are circulating in the town that some or all the artefacts will be sold off, this is contrary to the constitution of the Wincanton and District Museum and History Society and there is absolutely no truth in this rumour.

The society is arranging for some of the artefacts to be displayed in public buildings throughout the town and some will go into a store, others may go into other local museums, but this operation will take some time bearing in mind that there are probably as many 1000 items in the museum.

In the meantime the museum will be open from 10 – 12.30pm on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays until the end of September or if an organised group wish to visit special arrangements can be made.

Adverts will shortly appear in the press advising people who have kindly loaned items to the museum how they can claim them.