Chris Kemp

Many of you will have heard that Chris Kemp had a Heart attack recently and after a spell in a Bristol and Yeovil hospitals, he is now home again and recovering slowly.

One of his problems is that he needs support in walking and he would be pleased to hear from anybody who is will to help. Alternatively he would be pleased to hear from any one on 01963 31059.

Review. Dr Terry Stanford on Policing

Autumn 2009


In an interesting and thought-provoking lecture which was reasonably well attended, Terry Stanfod Ph.D. described aspects of the origins and early development of the Thames and Metropolitan Police from the time of Peel to the present. To keep things relatively simple he chose to look at things from the point of view of a constable vividly describing the tough discipline,  extremely long hours, low pay and difficulty winning public respect that was the lot of those early policemen and women.

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The future of the Museum

Our Secretary Jeff Kingaby reports

Let me up-date you on the long Saga of the alterations and improvements to our museum. To me it is like one of the soaps we see on television with the story constantly changing; perhaps it has not been running as long as Coronation Street or East Enders, but the proposed alterations have been in hand to my knowledge since 2005 and long before my time as Secretary.

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Visitor Numbers Remain significant, despite uncertainty

Curator John Atkins reported to the Committee that the number of visitors this season up to 8th September was 481.  Comparing this with th number s at the same time last year, the number was 591. For the full year it was 741.Since we started recording numbers in 1997, the lowest for the full year was 221 in 1997 and the highest was 1000 in 2006.  This shows the numbers are about average.